Things to do in Canoa: float the Chone River!

An undiscovered adventure right in Canoa’s back yard Visitors to Canoa, Ecuador have many options for activities away from our world famous beach. Just twenty minutes away is the Chone River, a beautiful stretch of water that is ripe for exploration. You’ll drift past mangroves teeming with several species of birds. You’ll spot an occasional […]

Paragliding and hang gliding in Canoa, Ecuador

Have you ever wanted to  fly like a bird? Canoa, Ecuador has a unique combination of weather patterns and topography that make it an ideal place for aerial sports like hang gliding and paragliding. Sure, we’re famous for our epic surf breaks, but the best waves generally happen between December and May. During the rest […]

Chocolate and Coffee in Canoa

Canoa first gained fame and popularity because of our incredible beach. We have seventeen uninterrupted kilometers of soft sand and great waves to the south, plus other hidden beaches and caves past the rocky points to the north. For everyone that loves activities in the water or on the sand, that is often all you […]

So you want to get back on the road…

Travel is a beautiful thing. It’s rewarding, it’s challenging, and it’s a lot of fun. As we all know, this year has not been a good time to travel, but the urge to explore and discover new places is hardwired into our brains. It’s a fundamental part of what makes us human, and that will […]

Why Canoa is the Best Place to Learn to Surf

There are lots of different types of waves, beaches, and conditions that affect the surfing experience. Here in Canoa we have the perfect combination for beginner surfers, but also big, fun, challenging waves for experienced surfers as well. Canoa is a beach break, which means no sharp reef or rocks to get cut on, and […]

Welcome to our new website

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new Hostel Coco Loco website! The hostel changed ownership in March, 2017 and this website is part of my effort as the new owner to update and improve our services. From here you can book reservations, find information about local travel and activities, and check out pictures of our […]

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