Hi everyone, and welcome to the new Hostel Coco Loco website! The hostel changed ownership in March, 2017 and this website is part of my effort as the new owner to update and improve our services.

From here you can book reservations, find information about local travel and activities, and check out pictures of our facilities.

By the end of this month (December) we’ll be in high season for tourism here in Canoa. This is the time of year when the waves get bigger, the water gets warmer, the sky is sunnier, and the whole town comes alive with more people, more surfing, and more parties! (But don’t worry, we’re still just a small, laid back fishing village at heart).

I’ll be posting blogs here periodically with news and information about the hostel, the town of Canoa, and tourism in Ecuador, so check back often. Thanks for visiting the website, now you just have to come visit us in real life!

Aquí todo es posible