There are lots of different types of waves, beaches, and conditions that affect the surfing experience. Here in Canoa we have the perfect combination for beginner surfers, but also big, fun, challenging waves for experienced surfers as well.

Canoa is a beach break, which means no sharp reef or rocks to get cut on, and plenty of space to wait for your wave so you don’t have to worry about running into other people. Also, if you want smaller waves you simply hang out a little further inside (closer to the beach) where the smaller waves break, and surf closer to low tide so the waves aren’t as powerful. If you want big waves, you go further out at high tide and wait for the big ones. There are a couple small river mouths that create good consistent waves almost like a point break, but you can also head down the 17km long beach and find endless waves which you’ll have all to yourself. The waves here tend to be a little less steep and hollow, which makes it easier for beginners to learn how to stand up on the board. And of course there are several surf shops and instructors in town who can rent you a proper board and teach you how to use it.

There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with Canoa, and surfing is definitely a big one!

Aquí todo es posible